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How it Works

Build your song repertoire while learning guitar.

Broken into it's 5 core guitar skills

In a daily 10-minute guitar challenge

Learn a familiar model song every week


Learn The Fun Piece of Music

First, Tony will teach you the Daily Guitar Challenge note by note so you quickly learn how to play the fun piece of music.


Follow Along Until You Can Play It

Follow the looping play along video until you can play it on your own. Click the 1x icon to speed up or slow down the video.


Your Guitar Routine Dashboard

Just show up and start today’s guitar challenge. No decisions required.


Hi, I'm Tony.


Trusted by Guitar Students

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge keeps guitar students coming back day after day because they’re having fun and seeing real progress.

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People *really* like Tony's Acoustic Challenge.



52 Week Lead Domino Songs broken into 2600 Daily 10-minute Guitar Challenges. ($1200 value)

31 Page Guitar Routine Journal to assess your guitar enjoyment every three months. Includes weekly & monthly progress trackers. ($59 value)

Our Friendly & Positive Guitar Community of guitar enthusiasts who will support and encourage you.

Your Own Guitar Routine Dashboard so you can track your guitar sessions and streaks.



30-Day Beginner Guitar Jumpstart

Before trying the Daily Challenge, your mission is to learn (or re-learn) the basics while slowly building up to a consistent playing habit. That’s what the 30-day guitar challenge was designed for and it works!

Each week will consist of two things…

1. Learn each skill on the first day of the week
Play that week’s exercise 10 minutes per day

($297 Value)

Primer - Tune your guitar, learn the 4 posture and technique check-ins, how to read tablature and chord diagrams

Week 1: Blues - While learning these FUN and familiar blues songs, you’ll also work on core skills such as fretting mechanics, rhythm guitar, & guitar neck movement. First, learn the songs, next, spend at least 10 minutes per day in week 1 playing through the songs.

Week 2: Chords - Learn the three chords found in thousands of songs. First you’ll learn the proper way to play and trouble shoot G, C, and D, then you’ll practice them using the Quick Draw game, then you’ll build finger strength with the super fun Strength Builder exercise.

Week 3: Strumming - Rhythm and timing is perhaps the most foundational skill that you’ll rely on through your guitar journey. In week three you’ll learn the “golden rule of strumming” then you’ll learn the two core strumming patterns you can apply to almost anything.

Week 4: Soloing - The holy grail of playing guitar is knowing how to solo. This week we’ll break it down to the basics of what a scale is and how to use one to solo over anything. This will prepare you for improvisation every Wednesday in the TAC Guitar Routine.


10 Bite-Sized Skill Courses

A collection of small courses you can complete in a weekend that cover essential guitar skills.

($600 Value)

Daily Stretch for Guitar - 8 physical therapist recommended stretches to stay pain free

Strumming Jumpstart - Keep steady rhythm with these core principles of strumming

Your Next Six Chords - Learn the chord shape then use it in a fun exercise for muscle memory

Better Barre Chords - Focus on the two barre chord shapes you will use 99% the time

Capo Comprehension - How to apply the capo, adjust it for voice matching, and use it to transpose to the chord shapes you want

Fingerpicking Jumpstart - Go from zero to playing your first song in this highly addictive guitar style

Flatpicking Jumpstart - Go from zero to playing your first song in this traditional guitar style

Fretting Hand Toolbox - Unlock the potential of your fingers by working on hammer ons, pull offs, slides, bends, and harmonics

Jamming 101 - A step-by-step anxiety easing path to playing with other folks

Slide Guitar 101 with Tony Furtado - How to play slide guitar blues with fingerstyle technique


Eleven 5-Day Guitar Challenges

To keep things exciting and fresh, TAC features a 5-day challenge every five or six weeks in place of the regular TAC Daily Challenge format.

These are also available on-demand so you can revisit or try any of the 5-Day Challenges at any time.

($197 Value)

12 Bar Blues 5 Day Challenge

The blues themes are the most popular (because they’re fun and fairly “easy”.) For something more challenging (but very helpful for your playing), try the Barre Chord, Pinky, or Pull Off challenges.

5 Day Guitar Routine Challenge

Banjo Picking 5 Day Challenge

Barre Chord 5 Day Challenge

Bass Walk 5 Day Challenge

Blues 5 Day Challenge

Crosspicking 5 Day Challenge

Finger Stretch 5 Day Challenge

Pinky 5 Day Challenge

Pull Off 5 Day Challenge

Tremolo 5 Day Challenge


Fretboard Wizard

($419 Value)

22 daily micro-lessons that you can do in 10 minutes

Daily challenges so you can practice your new skills

Interactive retention quizzes with real-time feedback

Follows the familiar TAC Daily Challenge format

Comes with a 21 page Quick Reference PDF

A 30-day program that helps you learn, confirm, and apply the fretboard concepts that guitar players use 90% of the time.

Fretboard Wizard will teach you how to find any song’s key & chords by ear, change any song’s key instantly, find any note, chord, or scale, improvise knowing you’re using the right notes, create your own melodies, speak “the language”, explore new musical ideas, or write your own music.

Since this follows the same “daily challenge” format as TAC, you can go through it while keeping your regular TAC guitar routine.

You'll get a chance to add this to your membership when you join TAC.


52 Weekly Lead Domino Songs broken into 260 Daily 10-minute Guitar Challenges. ($1200 value)

31 Page Guitar Routine Journal to assess your guitar enjoyment every three months. Includes weekly & monthly progress trackers. ($59 value)

Our Friendly & Positive Guitar Community of guitar enthusiasts who will support and encourage you.

Your Own Guitar Routine Dashboard so you can track your guitar sessions and streaks.

BONUS #1: 30-day beginner guitar jumpstart so you can build your foundation while playing music ($297 value)

BONUS #2: Ten small courses you can complete in a weekend that cover essential guitar skills. ($600 value)

BONUS #3: Eleven 5-day challenges so you can leapfrog your skills in key areas. ($197 value)

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Fretboard Wizard 30-day program that helps you learn, confirm, and apply the fretboard concepts that guitar players use 90% of the time. ($419 value)


Why is Tony's Acoustic Challenge Different?


Skip the tedious stuff and go straight to playing familiar songs.

Learn songs fast by focusing only on the 5 guitar skills used in almost every song you'd ever want to play.

Remove your doubts and negative thinking by using positive psychology, habit science, and daily coaching.

Play consistently by taking all the complexity out of learning with our daily micro-lesson format.

Just Like These  Happy Guitar Students  Did...

"I have been playing guitar on and off for 30 years and Tony's Acoustic Challenge works for me."

This is an awesome guitar program!

I never had any formal guitar training. I was self-taught and I had major holes in my guitar skill set that TAC is filling. I am definitely happy with the results I have seen in my 3 years of being a member.

If you commit to putting in the time this will make a big difference in your playing. I would and do recommend this to any and every one interested in learning guitar or if you're like me needing to take it to the next level.

Jeff Owens (Jeff73)
Oct 19, 2023

"I realized music is gone from my life and I don't like it."

Music was important to me through my early twenties and then life just got in the way in so many ways.

It wasn't until I was in my later forties that I realized I want to play guitar again. I realized music is gone from my life and I don't like it.

My dream is more just to be able to play anytime any place. Like the campfire jam, "Hey, just bring guitar over. Let's play today." Kind of things that I just enjoy. And if it's like, come over, I'm making burgers on the grill. Oh, bring your guitar.

It's a great day.

Karen G.
TAC Member

"I learn about five times as much per week as I do from a once-a-week guitar lesson."

I love the TAC program.

I've been taking private lessons and while the instructor feedback is useful, it has limitations. I can only learn as fast as what I get in a half-hour lesson once a week.

I’ve also subscribed to several other online guitar courses, and they lack a clear path to learn music theory and integrate it with learning and playing in a fun way.

I love Tony’s clear and straightforward approach to teaching by explaining concepts in a simple way.

Providing written materials and having practice sessions and play along opportunities to reinforce what is taught has skyrocketed my learning.

I learn about five times as much per week as I do from a once-a-week guitar lesson.

I also love the TAC community. I’m a part of a culture who is traveling on the same journey. It’s nice to know others share the same passion and have the same struggles and wins as I do.

Keep up the good work Tony. Can’t wait for the new Fret Board Wizard course. Knowing what you’ve put together so far, I think it will be the bomb.

Tim Picks
TAC Member 

"I wanted to play with my husband who started learning guitar in his 60s"

I have been a member of TAC since 2016. Started at age 59 having never played an instrument before.

Periodically I drift away, looking for that magic bullet that will turn me into a “real player” but I always come back to Tony. His formula works.

His method of teaching HAS made me a “real player”. I always know that when I stick to his lessons I make progress.

I will always be here because it is fun and I can continue to develop my skills just by dedicating time each day to a TAC lesson.

Sharon T.
Sep 24, 2023

"I started playing in my 20s then for 30 years nothing happened."

When I was about 45, I would grab my guitar and I would go, well, I guess I'll teach myself some chords today. It was ridiculously boring and there was no joy in it at all.

TAC Member


You're retired (or soon to be) and you want to finally check "learn guitar" off your bucket list.

You're a total beginner and you're excited about learning guitar in an intuitive, music-first way.

You've played for a while but you want faster progress and regular exposure to new things.

You used to play guitar and you're ready to quickly get back up to speed with your playing.

You're a busy professional with a hectic schedule but you still dream of learning guitar.

You're a lover of music who wants to be able to play your favorite songs for yourself and others.



College level guitar courses cost between $1200 and $6000 plus 12 to 60 weeks of your time. In-person lessons cost at least $1200 per year. And with both you STILL have to learn songs after you learn guitar.

TAC skips the extra noise and takes you straight to the goal by learning guitar through playing music. All at a tiny fraction of the price.

We want you to have zero risk in trying Tony’s Acoustic Challenge which is why we offer an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. Plus… 

If you can’t play along with at least six songs within your first six months we’ll give your money back. Just email support@tonypolecastro.com


We’ve crafted a delightful onboarding experience and ongoing coaching and support so you never have to guess what your next steps are.


Quick Start Guide PDF

Get an inside look at how our program works


Start Your 30-Day Beginner Challenge

Learn the basics while playing actual music. This fun jump start will help you build your guitar routine & basic skills.


Learn Guitar Through Playing Music

Each day we’ll rotate through the 5 core guitar skills while learning a carefully curated “Lead Domino Song” every week.


Take the 90-Day Guitar Enjoyment Audit

Every three months Tony coaches you through our Guitar Enjoyment Audit so you’re always excited to keep going.


Risk Free for 60 Days


There is no better place to be for a total beginner. Before you start the Daily Guitar Challenge, I want you to go through the 30 Days to Play Guitar program that comes free inside Tony’s Acoustic Challenge.

From the very first lesson you’ll be playing fun, recognizable things that will keep you inspired to move to the next step.

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge uses an unconventional Dynamic Guitar Learning method that combines deep guitar immersion with structured variation. In other words, you’ll regularly attempt difficult things in small doses, and never get bored. Excitement is built into the system! Members report explosive progress after the first few weeks. There is truly nothing else like it.

Yes! The daily lessons are pre-recorded and get released every week day at 12:01am MST and are available for the entire month. You can bookmark any lesson and return to it later. All daily lesson videos include downloadable tabs.

Life happens, so the program is designed so you can take a day off or a week or two off then pick right up without feeling behind. The only pressure you’ll feel is from yourself, and that’s a great thing!

Nope. You can upgrade or cancel your account anytime – for any reason. If you cancel before the end of the billing period, you’ll retain access until that period is over.

It’s easy to justify staying in your guitar den by yourself.

But it’s a game changer when you know that you’re not the only one with buzzy chords or pinky control challenges or barre chord frustrations or a cheap guitar…

To know that you’re not the only one who’s deathly afraid to play in front of others…

To be encouraged and gently nudged to push past your comfort zone…it’s like magic for your guitar journey.

And nothing makes you feel more fulfilled than pushing past limiting beliefs and discovering that you DO have what it takes to make your dream guitar scene a reality.

We’re here waiting for you. I hope you’ll join us.


What Our Members Are Saying

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"It all combines to make this experience delightfully challenging."

Steven H.

TAC Member

As a beginner I really appreciate the well thought out method of teaching and the built-in emotional support.

"I'm amazed at what I can already do."


TAC Member

Brought out my guitar when one of my adult children was over. I played a couple things and his jaw dropped.

"I have played my guitar 298 days since I started the TAC in November of 2022!"

Gary Cork

Oct 20, 2023

I have to say, Tony has incorporated a number of psychological learning principles in his method...principles that motivate and reward playing the guitar.

I took one-on-one lessons for a year just before Covid shut things down, and I had a LOT of trouble getting myself to practice daily. So I would go to my lesson poorly prepared, and feeling bad that I let myself (and my instructor) down every time. EVERY time.

With Tony's approach, I have played my guitar 298 days since I started the TAC program in November of 2022! And I have learned so much!

After years of just dabbling in guitar, I started a long journey of discovering how to make learning guitar fun & sustainable.

After teaching guitar for over 18 years, what I’ve found is that the traditional way to learn guitar is overcomplicated and promotes “mastery” and “practice” over sustainability and enjoyment.

I wanted to fix that by creating a fun and intuitive way to learn guitar that can be followed by busy people.

Most of my 35,000+ online guitar students are older adults who’ve been able to start playing fun things in days, not months or years. How? By adopting the intuitive, music-first approach to learning that our program provides.

Dan LaPlaca

TAC Member

Tony has a great teaching style and is very motivating and reassuring. He is well aware of the difficulty and psychology behind where most guitarists get lost in the process and he has strategies and a teaching method that addresses these issues and gives you the best chance for success.

"You can tell there are years of experience and thought put into this program to make it the most effective way for folks to learn guitar."

Thomas B.

TAC Member

"It enables you to realize what a guitar player really is."

It is much more than endless chord transitions without a path to colorful and imaginative music. It is fun.

"Guitar has brought me and my kids closer together."

Before Tony's acoustic challenge I couldn't even make the chord changes. I'd have a dead chord or my fingers wouldn't go in the right place.

Now that I've been a member of Tony's Acoustic Challenge, my core changes are crisp and clean. I don't lose rhythm and I'm not stopping and starting over again. My fingers are a lot more agile.

I never really realized what it would also do for me and my kids, bringing my kids and myself closer together.

If it wasn't for Tony's acoustic challenge, I wouldn't be the player that I am today.

Brian M.
TAC Member

"I'm now an instructor for Guitars For Vets!"

Before TAC, my guitar sat in the closet for 35 years. I didn't know what to practice. I didn't have a practice routine.

It really helped me get things in line with the ability to improve to be a better guitar player.

Now I'm an instructor for guitarsenal for Vets. It is a known fact that music is a great therapy for people. And I feel really fortunate to help people in this way. It makes them feel good. It makes me feel good.

Denny S.
TAC Member

"I'm playing for my family for Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year party :)"

I recommend everything about TAC.

I have learned more in one week with Tony's program than I have in the past two years. He breaks everything down into bite-size bits. I had an aha moment on 3rd day and was able to do all the warm-ups and start on some of the chords, strumming, and soon enough be playing music to my ears.

You're never too old to start playing either. I am a Great-Grandma and just started up again and I am playing for my family for Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year party :). Lets get jiggy with it 🤣

Diana K.
Sep 24, 2023

"There is a solid structure which has been really helpful in helping me develop skills"

I have been a TAC member for about 6 months. I played when I was a kid and got stuck. For years! I did not like the idea of going back to lessons but was ready to resume my guitar journey.

I like the idea of playing daily, but there are some weeks when I am traveling or work is just too crazy. It doesn't matter; I just pick up wherever the daily challenge is and try to jump back in. I love the format.

The flexibility is right up my alley, but there is a solid structure which has been really helpful in helping me develop skills I never thought I could or would, such as becoming comfortable using a pick or learning enough theory to help me understand my guitar better.

Oct 20, 2023


Just Like These 
Happy Guitar Students  Did...

2023 Acoustic Life, Inc. All rights Reserved

Try Tony’s Acoustic Challenge for two full months risk free. By the end of your first 60-days, if you aren’t 100% certain that Tony’s Acoustic Challenge is the best way to learn guitar for you, we’ll issue a full refund.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee







$348 $197 billed yearly


You save $151 per year.






Pay one for lifetime access.


One-time payment






5x the value of in-person lessons.


$87 billed every 3 months

“Basically anyone I meet I tell them this is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done” – Neal D

TAC is a different approach to learning to play and enjoy the guitar. I am having a great time learning from scratch all over again. 

— Tracy R.

Learn Guitar in Just 10 Minutes a Day